About Expedia, Booking.com and AiBnB Listings

Did you find us via another website (Expedia, Booking.com, AirBnB etc.)?

This is our official website and THE BEST way to book!

As a small family run  B&B, we truly appreciate your business and support of our local economy by booking directly instead of sending 15% or more of the purchase price to the large online travel agents such as Expedia (Expedia owns hundreds of different websites), Booking.com (based in the Netherlands), or AirBnB (AirBnB is the best of any of these, but they do charge you, the customer, an additional fee).

Booking directly through our website or over the phone provides you the best rate, the best cancellation policy and the best customer service (we do not always get all the proper contact info from the other sites, making good communication tricky sometimes, and we are unable to modify reservations made through these sites ourselves, you must call the booking party to make changes!).

We have been a “BnB” since before there was AirBnb! As such, we use our own reservation system, which does not connect to AirBnB, which is why when looking at our availability on AirBnB it may say the room is available, but in reality it is not.  We are set up on AirBnB so that all reservations are “request” which allows us to take the request and then check our main system and see if it is available or not.

We try our best to allow people to find us and book through a variety of channels and of course in this day and age, if you are not on those sites you are losing business! However things do not always go as smoothly through 3rd parties which is why booking direct will always be the best way to ensure your expectations are met!

If you find any other lower published rate we will happily match that for you (please call or email first)!  Thank you for your business!